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Legens Hot Rod | Classic Car | Hot Rod | Restoration

Being a classic car builder has been a passion of mine since I was 13 years old. Being able to do restorations on almost anything I could get my hands on, led me to open Legens Hot Rod Shop. We are based in Martin, Tennessee and have been featured in numerous magazines and TV Shows over our 26 year history. Please take the time to look through as we have built Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, and Classics for more than a quarter century. We put passion into everything that enters and leaves our shop. We set high expectations for ourselves so that we can continually fight to be the top builder in the United States.


Are you in search of a classic car builder in Tennessee?

A hot rod builder in the United States?

Someone that has proven time and time again that the attention to detail matters? 

Look no further as we would be more than happy to tackle your restoration project. With our in house staff we can do everything from metal work to final touches on your vehicle. For your next project feel free to call us (731) 587-6002 or email us at


We have a large line of parts and apparel HERE





Our Mission:


Accreditation is important in our industry to ensure quality and safety. That being said, we are proud members of NSRA, SEMA, and Goodguys

The Shop

We have a 7200 sq ft facility, equipped with a machine / metal shop, body shop, sandblast room, wet sand/buffing bay, upholstery shop, 6 car finish room, and a showroom.


Having the right vision in the street rod industry, we ventured into the design and production of our very own products. This has led us to appear on television and grace the cover of many magazines.

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