Many hot rodders as well as custom rodders have been wanting the looks and function of our latch kit, so we developed a universal latch kit that could be easily adapted to virtually any application. Now available is this quality latch kit that is both compact & very functional. It’s available as a mechanical, electric, or take the advantages of having both.

Part# 2088 - $122.00
Universal Latch Kit

This kit provides the beauty of installation with the touch of detail and professionalism you want your hot rod to have. It also provides the safety that a stock latch doesn’t. By having the double catch latch in a body flex situation, the safety part of the latch will catch the striker pin. The stainless striker pin will retain it’s detail use after use. Our kit eliminates the need for the striker pin cut out in your upholstery panel for a much cleaner look (except on Model A’s).

Part# 2091 - $196.00
Bear Claw Latch Kit Complete Kit

We have found a hi-tech latch & pin that works absolutely beautifully in a lot of circumstances. We have designed an installation kit to install this latch into just about anything you would like. We recommend it highly for 1937 Fords and other cars that have shallow hoods & no grilles to hide a latch assembly.

Part# 2089 - $159.00
Hi-Tech Latch and Installation Kit